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May 2nd, 2018

BLOG 001

Camille Dixon
Hello all!

Welcome to the very first blog of GB Manchester. 
On April 26th, also known as last Thursday, we celebrated one of our favorite holidays: Take Your Child to Work Day.  This year we managed to convince about ten of the kids that it was a good idea to come hang out with us for a day.  It ended up being a really nice day so we had a barbeque and picnic outside.  The kids were surprisingly helpful, so thank you to them and everyone else who helped!  Miraculously nobody complained about the lack of carbonated soda, but maybe it’s because they knew we really just care about their health.

  • Tim cooks up hamburgers and hotdogs for the hungry masses.

  • Our boss Steve here is pictured walking away after a triumphant fight over a hamburger

  • Greg charming the ladies.

  • Manly picnic

  • Our very sophisticated food line, with our boss Tim working the grill.

  • Our very own Sharon not really liking me taking her picture.

  • For these two, it's take your child to work day every day.

  • Contemplating whether or not to go for one more hotdog.