CrisisGo and Rauland Telecenter Partnership!

CrisisGo and Rauland Telecenter Announce Collaboration to Enhance School Safety Communications

GB Manchester has been a Rauland distributor since 1966 and Rauland only partners with companies that are the best of the best. This is where CrisisGo comes in, a leading provider of school safety solutions, just a week ago they announced a strategic integration partnership with Rauland Telecenter, aimed at revolutionizing communication strategies within educational institutions. This collaboration integrates CrisisGo’s flagship solution, Safety iResponse, with Rauland Telecenter’s advanced IP devices, delivering a unified system designed to significantly improve emergency response capabilities and overall safety measures in schools.

Rauland Telecenter U® seamlessly integrates within existing data networks, offering a cohesive communication solution across all school systems within a district. Utilizing IP addressable speakers, POE message boards, a user-friendly web interface, and a mobile application, Telecenter U guarantees efficient communication across various locations and devices.

Safety iResponse, CrisisGo’s comprehensive safety suite, encompasses a range of critical functionalities, including alerting, an integrated panic button, mapping, messaging, roster management, and check-in features. When combined with Rauland Telecenter’s IP devices, this collaboration facilitates swift and seamless dissemination of CrisisGo alerts across various devices, enabling efficient communication from district offices to every classroom. Rauland’s network-based school communication systems, powered by Telecenter U®, optimize emergency responses, event management, and day-to-day communications within educational facilities.

Rauland Telecenter U® provides multiple pathways for schools to optimize their communication infrastructure, offering flexible migration paths from legacy systems to fully IP-based critical school communication systems. Schools can tailor their upgrade strategy based on their unique needs, whether opting for immediate upgrades or gradual, multi-year plans, thanks to Telecenter U’s adaptable architecture.

Districts seeking to bolster communication and security measures within their campuses can anticipate significant improvements through the collaborative solution offered by GB Manchester, Rauland Telecenter U, and CrisisGO. Contact GB Manchester today to start your integration!